Tech Data Professional Services Practices

Tech Data Service Delivery

In Tech Data, the service delivery is based on the following principles:

  • INTEGRITY: We serve you, and never sell products directly to the customer. Count on that.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Our goal is simple: help you satisfy your customers by delivering the IT solutions they need. We’re big enough to handle high-volume projects, yet our experience equips us to handle individual, customized projects.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: 50 years of experience have produced tested and proven skills and best practices. Our project management skills are finely honed. We deliver results as promised. Always.
  • TEAMWORK: You need not build core competence in every conceivable area. Invest in those strengths that set you apart, and turn to us for the remainder. We can become part of your offering, or you can choose to rebrand our services to make them your own.
  • INNOVATION: We are driven by a passion to find the best, most effective solutions to your customers’ challenges. From the smallest process improvement to a completely new solution offering, our experience and expertise help you delight your customers

With more than 50 years of experience in managing relationships as a distributor, Tech Data Inc Global has learned that the key to helping you grow your business is increasing the number of opportunities and the close rate on those opportunities.

We understand your goals and the challenges you face as a solutions provider in the changing IT market. Tech Data Services can help you meet these goals and achieve your revenue and growth objectives. Our portfolio of service offerings is designed to augment your existing services practice and help you deliver complete IT solutions to your end customers. All the services will be delivered and project managed through Tech Data with quality assurance to exceed your customer’s expectations. 

By using Tech Data Services, you can invest in those strengths that set your business apart in the marketplace and turn to Tech Data for the rest. Tech Data Services can help you gain a competitive advantage and exceed your customers’ expectations for end-to-end IT solutions.

Each of the partners that we serve—resellers, software vendors, system integrators, solution providers, system builders, IT services firms, IT consulting firms and OEMs—shares a common set of goals: 

  • Grow your business: capture more of your customers’ IT spend by increasing the scope of your deals.
  • Grow your offering: deliver more of what the market demands with a broader services practice.
  • Grow your customer loyalty: meet customer expectations while completing projects on time and on budget with unparalleled project management.
  • Grow your ongoing revenue: profitably serve your customers over time by delivering the highest level of satisfaction.


Tech Data Professional Services Practices


Tech Data Key Facts

  • 45 years in IT distribution
  • $37.2 billion in sales for fiscal 2019
  • Publicly Traded (NasdaqGS: TECD)
  • Ranked No. 83 on the FORTUNE 500
  • 125,000+ IT reseller customers
  • 150,000+ IT products sold
  • Operations in 40+ countries
  • 100+ countries served
  • 14,000+ employees worldwide
  • Named one of FORTUNE's "World's Most Admired Companies"


Why Choose Tech Data?

  • Tech Data is an efficient and cost-effective sales and marketing channel helping suppliers reach a broad base of customers
  • Tech Data’s state-of-the-art logistics system manage a high volume of transactions and complex information flows to ensure accurate and timely product delivery
  • Tech Data’s value-added solutions for design chain management help customers reduce cycle time and lower costs
  • Tech Data’s experienced technical customer support teams ensure the highest quality solutions and product are utilized by the customer